Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peanut butter and...

I'm in love with this logo because it's totally different from everything that I've done.  And I'm in love with the work that Jodie does.  She creates high-end paper collage art.  Take a look at her blog to see her work. 

I also designed Jodie's blog, etsy store and business cards.  It was just a really fun design to create...with all the layers and "scrapbook" paper (I really wanted to include that because that is what she works with).  I actually have an addiction with scrapbook paper.  I always want to buy it but I NEVER scrapbook.  (Same thing with fabric).  So this actually fed my addiction for a while because I don't have time to work on my scrapbook line, but I got to create all these different "papers" for Jodie and Red Jam Designs.  So thank you Jodie for helping out a recovering shopaholic :)

It's 6 am here...I don't do mornings and I'm rambling, but I wanted to get this up before I had to start work.  

PS...anyone know how to get a baby to sleep in after 5?  I get a lot of work done this way, but oh my I'm tired!


Jodie said...

Hi Erin
I must say this blog post looks sensational!!! Thanks again for a wonderful job on my designs for red jam. I'm in the process of doing a collage for your beautiful daughter and will post it off soon. Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I got some great feedback your work that I took to the Handmade markets on the weekend and even passed on your details.

Erin said...

Thanks Jodie! I'm so excited to see Riley's collage :)

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