About Edub

A little bit about me and what I do:
My name is Erin and I am a work-at-home mom to my baby girl Riley, and wife to my husband Sean.  We've been married for three years and Riley was born this July...it's definitely an adventure!

I taught myself graphic design two years ago when I got into digital scrapbooking (great for OCD people).  I didn't really become serious with it until I moved to a new city.  I'm currently moving from place to place with my husband's construction job. It was hard for me to find work in this new place because not only was the economy horrible, but I was five months pregnant (and despite what the law says, people don't want to hire a pregnant woman!) Enter, Etsy! I started designing logos for people in alchemy and then opened shop in March 2009. I've had such a blast with it! I design custom logos, blogs, etsy shop make-overs, photo editing, print design, blog design, invitations, etc. I'm always open to custom requests!!!

What inspires me:
COLORS! I love mixing different colors, especially blues and greens (thus why my logo is blue and green!)

What drives me to create what I do:
I just love art and I love being able to create.  I never thought that I would be able to make a living doing something like this, so it's pretty much my dream job.

What makes my work unique:
I think I have a totally different style from a lot of designers...partially because I haven't had formal training. My ideas come from me and the more I practice, the more creative I can get.

How I see my business evolving in the next five years:
I really hope to see a greater clientele and I hope to get enough business someday that I can hire some of my super-talented friends.  Pretty soon, I'll be doing web design, so that's exciting for me!
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