Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving on Up...

My blog was rated one of the Top 42 Digital Art Blogs by The Guide to Art School!  I'm number 27 actually.  There are some awesome blogs on this site, so I was really honored!  I worked really hard on my blog and I work hard on each design I create, so I'm so excited to get recognized for my work.  Here's what they said about Edub:  
Blog Edub presents the work of up-and-coming Etsy designer, Erin. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love of graphic design shines through. We're sure you'll agree that her memorable designs are delicate, feminine, and fabulous.  Our favorite post: Flowers, Bows and Hair-ties, OH MY!

I've still got openings for blog design, so please shop around:


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Mindy Williams said...

This doesn't suprise me at all that you made the Top 42 Digital Art Blogs list, because your work is AMAZING!!!!! Congrats:)

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