Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Heart Fabric

I think I could spend all day looking at fabric designs.  Spoonflower is one of my favorite sites...the people that upload designs on here are either starting out or have been designing for's such a great array of styles.  These are some of my favorites (click on the pictures to see these designer's sites):
winter bloom Lime & Chocolate Pop Floral bobafinal retrospring Michi (Yellow and Grey) Linoak on Fifth
From left to right:  Winter Bloom by troismiettes, Lime and Chocolate by gollygeebaby, bobafinal by snork, Retrospring by renule, Michi by jhoanna_monte, and Linoak on Fifth by lushop

I just bought a new rug (finally convinced my husband that Teal is awesome!) so I'm designing fabric for my's for fun (Nacho Libre anyone?)  Here's a little preview:


Thanks to all the Spoonflower designers that inspired me!


Steampunktress said...

I heart fabric too! How lovely would those be on a little satchel or tea jackeT!!!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

very nice fabric choices!

found you on etsy's forums

Jhoanna said...

What a fantastic collection! I love browsing through Spoonflower too. And thank you for including my Michi fabric - so sweet of you! :-)


Isa said...

Love the pattern for your pillows... and thank you so much for including one of my patterns in your post :-)

Brie Herrera said...

You have great tastes, Erin, and you are a fabulous designer! I try to avoid the fabric store, there's just so many great patterns out there that I will never have a place or time to use!

KaLee said...

Ha! Finally convinced him to like teal! I'm laughing right now. :)
Love all your work Erin. You're an inspiration!

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